Quick Facts 

Application Deadlines

  • Fall semester: April 15
  • Spring semester: October 15

Academic Calendar

BCA Quito operates on a semester system, however, the end of a semester varies according to when class exams are scheduled. Since this information is not available until you register for your courses, BCA advises that you be flexible about your departure date from Quito.

Language of Instruction

Spanish. Completion of two semesters of college-level Spanish (or equivalent) is required

Required Courses

Ecuador, Language and Culture (fall semester) (4 credits)
Ecuador: Culture and Justice (spring semester) (1 credit)

Host University: The University of San Francisco Quito

  • A private university that offers more than 40 degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 90% of classes are taught in Spanish.
  • International students have access to all of the amenities that are available to full-degree students
  • The International Programs office has agreements with universities throughout the world; each year students from more than a dozen countries are on campus. 

GPA Requirement


Housing and Meals

On the third day of your stay in Quito, you will move into the home of your host family. Host families range from middle to upper-middle class, with different resources available. While all families provide breakfast and dinner, a private room and laundry services, some also have Internet in the house or even a maid who does the cooking and cleaning. You will receive a lunch allowance each month, since you will not normally be home at that time. Some students prefer to make their own box lunch or purchase food at the many cafes in or near the university.

BCA Orientation

Learn about Ecuador's history, culture and current issues, and receive intensive language training with BCA’s four-credit, four-week pre-semester course "Ecuador: Language and Culture.” (Fall and year-long students only.) Spring term students take the one-credit, 12-contact hour pre-semester course "Ecuador: Culture and Justice."

Resident Director

As a Peace Corps volunteer, Resident Director Daniel Bryan developed educational initiatives in South Quito, home to the city’s most marginal neighborhoods. He founded Quito Eterno, an internationally renowned cultural education program, and later developed the Mestizo Theatre of Quito with the Bolivar Theatre Foundation. Daniel specializes in Theatre for Social Change and Popular Education, teaching at the university level and conducting workshops in both the U.S. and Ecuador.

Educational Excursions and Activities

Your journey to the “land closest to the sun” will take you to the country’s diverse geographical regions, including:

 Each semester:

  • Galapagos Islands: A five-day excursion to observe the amazing wildlife, learn about the islands’ natural and cultural history, and meet the people who live there.
  • Otavalo: A visit to the indigenous town of Otavalo and its world-renowned artisan market.
  • Various day trips: Sites such as the Quito Historical Center, the cloud forest and a hike around a volcanic lake.
  • Papallacta Hot Springs: Hot springs in the Andes (over 11,000 feet).

Multi-day trip to:

  • Amazon: Journey to the Amazon to experience its tremendous biodiversity, witness the impacts of oil extraction, and visit indigenous communities struggling to maintain their cultural identity and ancestral land rights.

Volunteer or Internship Experiences

Participate in internships or volunteer work, including working in orphanages, day care centers, and schools for disabled children; teach English as a second language in local schools; and work in various non-profit Foundations. The BCA Quito director helps to arrange interesting volunteer work experiences.