Get Involved!


Student Name: Sara Olson, Manchester College
Organization: Cheltenham Townhouse F.C.

Description: I decided to join a local soccer or "football" team while studying abroad. It is not affiliated with the school, but I heard of the team due to the popularity of the men's team. I learned how to adjust to a new style of play and of new training techniques and methods. Also joining the team allowed me to meet more locals, learn British slang, and to hear about their opinions on social matters such as news, celebrity drama, etc. Overall, it just helped me feel more at ease and more connected. I was able to train with the team and even participate in the matches.

Student Name: Christopher Shannon, Juniata College,
Organization: Space (University of Gloucestershire student newspaper)

Description: Took photos at student events at the University of Gloucestershire. The photos that I took for Space were posted in galleries on the University of Gloucestershire's Student’s Union website.


Student Name: Jordan Rothrock, McPherson College,
Organization: University Tennis Team

Description: I played on the University tennis team, which was one of my best decisions to do while I was there.  It was more about the camaraderie of your fellow teammates than actually winning.  We practiced twice a week and had matches twice a week, so I even got to travel with the team and by doing this got to see more of England and even Wales.  My teammates became some of my closest friends while I was over there and every Wednesday night we had tennis socials and met at a pub and there was always a crazy dress theme like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (see above) or Golfers.  By joining this group, I was fully integrated into the English culture and really got to experience what it was like to be a University student in their country. The university offers many options to get involved I would definitely encourage everyone to join some sort of organization while they were over there.