As a BCA Barcelona student, you will enroll in courses at the University of Barcelona taught in Spanish. This option, unless you take UB courses offered in English, is best for students with advanced Spanish language skills. In addition to UB courses, you will enroll in BCA's Signature Course, Topics in Spanish Grammar and Culture. 

English Language Options

If your major is related to the fields of business, economics, international relations, sociology or political sciences you can enroll in University of Barcelona courses taught in English (marked with an asterisk below).

What if my Spanish isn't Good Enough for UB courses?

If your Spanish language skills are not advanced, you may choose BCA courses which are taught in Spanish by University of Barcelona associate and full professors. Assessment in these classes, taught to BCA students only, is based on a midterm, a final exam and a written paper. See a list of recommended BCA Courses here.

A combination of BCA Courses and University Courses

You may also opt for a combination of the two above: you may take some University and some BCA courses. This option is an asset to the program and many BCA Barcelona students take advantage of it.

Listed below are University of Barcelona Courses that BCA students often choose. Please refer to the University of Barcelona website to review all courses.


Art History

118152 History of Art of the Avant Gardes: 1905–1960
361030 Spanish American Literature up to the Modernist Movement
361113 Contemporary Spanish Theater
219175 The Bauhaus School and Its Impact Iconography
History, Culture and Society in Ancient and Medieval Times
Art of Rome and Late Antiquity
Gothic Art of the 14th and 15th Centurie


Byzantium and Islam in the Medieval Period
Contemporary History and Film
Anthropology and History
Historical Sources
Gender and History


361030 Spanish American Literature up to the Modernist Movement
361113 Contemporary Spanish Theater
361037 Spanish American Literature of the 20th Century


Business Administration

363655 Accounting 1*
363654 Business Administration*
363670 Commercial Law*
363660 Fundamentals of Marketing*


361852 Economic History of Spain*
363653 Business Economics*
361868 Game Theory and Economic Applications*
361834 International Economic Organization*

Foreign Languages

Spanish Language and Culture
SPA301 Special Topics in Spanish Grammar and Culture
361031 Spanish Language in America
203414 Translation Techniques
SPA314 Spanish Morphosyntax: Composition
SPA312 Pragmatics of Spanish: Oral and Written Fluency



361645 Biological Anthropology
361555 Basis of Organic Reactions
361563 Cell Biology of Microorganism

Social Sciences


360080 Anthropology and Feminism
364263 Gender and Identities


360931 Conflicts and Social Problems
360933 Sociology of Global Processes
362518 General Sociology