As a BCA Barcelona student, you will enroll in courses at the University of Barcelona taught in Spanish. This option, unless you take UB courses offered in English, is best for students with advanced Spanish language skills. In addition to UB courses, you will enroll in BCA's Signature Course, Topics in Spanish Grammar and Culture.  To learn more about course offerings, visit our Course Database and review a list of University Recommended Courses chosen by the BCA Resident Director.

English Language Options

If your major is related to the fields of business, economics, international relations, sociology or political sciences you can enroll in University of Barcelona courses taught in English. University courses taught in English are marked with an asterisk next to the title of the course (search courses here).

What if my Spanish isn't Good Enough for UB courses?

If your Spanish language skills are not advanced, you may choose BCA courses which are taught in Spanish by University of Barcelona associate and full professors. Assessment in these classes, taught to BCA students only, is based on a midterm, a final exam and a written paper. See a list of recommended BCA Courses here.

A combination of BCA Courses and University Courses

You may also opt for a combination of the two above: you may take some University and some BCA courses. This option is an asset to the program and many BCA Barcelona students take advantage of it.