As a BCA Cheltenham student, you will study alongside English students at the University of Gloucestershire, which offers a wide variety of courses in a large number of disciplines including business, science, education, film studies, game design, history, journalism, exercise and sports science, communications, music, photography, social work, pyschology and theatre. In addition to your courses at the University, all BCA students take the BCA Signature Course: British Life and Culture.

To learn more about course offerings, download the 2014 Undergraduate Course Guide for an indepth review of courses and information about the University. Also, review BCA's list of Recommended Courses chosen by the BCA Cheltenham resident director. You can also search the BCA course database to view courses BCA Cheltenham students have taken in the past. Please keep in mind that these courses may not be offered when you are planning to study, as course offerings frequently change at the University of Gloucestershire.

How do undergraduate courses work?

The courses are made up of individual study units, called modules and subject areas are organized into fields.

How are they assessed?

Your work is assesed through essays, examinations, project work, group presentations, and field and laboratory reports.