Vienna, Austria

As a BCA Marburg student, you will spend the first eight weeks of the program in Vienna, Austria, focusing on German language and culture at the prestigious Internationales Kulturinstitut Wien language school. There, you will study alongside students from around the world who are also learning German. During your time in Vienna, you will have ample opportunities to explore your host city and improve your language proficiency through daily practice. While in Vienna, all students take the BCA Signature Course: HIS 205 Vienna: Crossroads of Europe (History and Culture)

Marburg, Germany

In Marburg, BCA students with proficient German study at one of Germany's oldest and most distinguished universities, Philipps-Universität, which offers a wide range of academic disciplines including art history, education, biology, business administration, visual arts, math, computer science, physics, philosophy, theology, political science and psychology. The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies  offers a number of courses in German. To learn more about course offerings, visit our Course Database and review a list of Recommended Courses chosen by the BCA Resident Director.

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BCA Course Options

For those students who are not able to enroll in Philipps directly, BCA offers a number of courses taught in German by local instructors hired by BCA (some require a minimum enrollment). Download pdf of course descriptions here.

  • LIT 332 Deutsche Kurzprosa des 20. Jahrhunderts
  • LIT 335 Deutsche Romane und Novellen
  • GER 312 Deutsche Sprache und Grammatik I
  • GER 315 Deutsche Sprache und Grammatik II
  • GER 310 Übersetzen aus dem Deutschen ins Englische I (taught primarily in English)
  • SOC 370 Lahn Model United Nations Conference (Spring semester only).  Learn more about this opportunity through a student's experience at the Conference.
  • Photography 160: BCA's photography course features both an experiential learning process - drawing from Aristotle the importance of learning by doing - and traditional learning in the sense that it includes technical and historical information about photography and accomplished photographers. Download Syllabus here

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Additional German Language Instruction

Deutsch als Fremdsprache (German as a Foreign Language) courses are available through the University of Marburg Language Center (Sprachenzentrum der Uni Marburg) or the German Department of the Uni Marburg (09. Fachbereich). Intended for foreign students and taught by native German speakers. 

  • Practice in Pronunciation
  • Practice in Writing German
  • Practice in Holding Academic Public Presentations in German

BCA Marburg students enrolled only for the fall semester are also eligible to take one course offered through the Uni Marburg's IUSP.  Subject areas vary by semester but generally cover:

  • American Studies
  • Political Science
  • Religion
  • Business Administration and Economics
  • Sociology