Shortly after arriving in France you will take a placement exam at the IIEF to determine which classes are best suited to your level of French. The IIEF has 6 levels, each one corresponding to one of the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) (to view the grid that details the CEF, click on this link: Language Self Assessment Grid.)

French level

Course options

IIEF diploma

Corresponding Council of Europe (CEF)


Can take all classes at IIEF



Can take all classes at IIEF




Can take all classes at IIEF



At least 2 credits taught in French outside IIEF




At least 4 credits taught in French outside IIEF



At least 6 credits taught in French outside IIEF



Semester students with beginner level French should expect to take all their courses at the IIEF and/or business courses in English at the EMS; students with an intermediate or advanced level of French will be expected to take one or more classes in French at either Marc Bloch, the IEP or the EMS.

Full-year students should expect to take university courses during their second semester if they are at an intermediate level (DAEF) or above. Year students also have the option of enrolling in the IFE internship program for their second semester provided that they sign up for the IFE program before arriving in France.

BCA also offers a list of Recommended Courses for students interested in

  • Human Rights
  • International Relations
  • Conflict and Conflict Resolution


BCA Courses

Required:  BCA Course in Social Justice (1 credit)

Taught in French by Resident Director Alex Neff, all BCA students (excpet those in the IFE program) are required to take Justice Sociale et Valeurs Républicaines en France. This one credit course provides an introduction to the concepts of social justice, which are the basis of the French republic: liberté, égalité,fraternité. 

You will look at how these values evolved since the Revolution and examine the way in which they shape church-state relations, immigration policy, social security and the ongoing debate about "l'identité nationale".  Half of the course takes place during the pre-semester orientation, and the rest runs during the semester.

To learn more, check out Alex's blog here.


Available exclusively to BCA students.

  • Beginners German is an introduction to practical language skills that will help you when you travel in Germany.