Quick Facts

Application Deadlines

  • Fall semester: April 15
  • Spring semester: November 1


  • Fall semester: Early August (Early July for the 12-week Vienna language program) through mid-February (with an option to leave before Christmas)
  • Fall 2015 Dates: August 1 - December 18, 2015*
    The Marburg fall semester officially runs through February 12, 2016, but fall semester-only students may depart as early as December 18, 2015, if they need to return to their home campuses for spring semester in early January. University Semester: October 12, 2015 - February 12, 2016.
  • Spring semester: Early February (Early January for students in 12-week Vienna language program) through late July

Language of Instruction

  • German and English

Two Amazing Locations—Vienna and Marburg!

Start your experience in the culturally-rich city of Vienna as you learn German at the prestigious Internationales Kulturinstitut Wien language school. Spend 8 weeks focusing on German language and culture before the semester begins in Marburg (8 weeks is standard time for the program but 12 weeks is recommended. There is an additional fee(s) for the 12 week program).

Host University: Philipps-Universität

  • One of Germany's oldest and most distinguished universities, Philipps-Universität offers a wide range of academic disciplines
  • Philipps-Universität has partnered with BCA since 1962
  • BCA students not only get an excellent academic experience, but they also live in University housing with local students
  • BCA students enroll directly in the University and can design their own individual program of study
  • Courses are taught by full-time University professors
  • Over its nearly 500-year history, the University has educated and employed a large number of distinguished scholars and thinkers, including nine Nobel prize winners

GPA Requirement



University housing, private dorms or castle

BCA Orientation

During the pre-semester phase of the BCA Marbug program, all students participate in an intensive language course, a cultural and history course, and they are also guided through a thorough orientation at both the Vienna and the Marburg locations. Once students arrive in Marburg, their student ID is valid for free public transportation within the state of Hessa. The orientation covers everything from shopping tips and basic navigation to setting your academic schedule.

Resident Director

Kris Riggs

Required Courses

  • Hist 205, Vienna: Crossroads of Europe
  • German 202, IKI Vienna

Learn Basic Translation Skills

Translation is seldom taught at U.S. colleges and universities, but translation is a very valuable tool that can readily be applied toward a career. By the time many BCA students are wrapping up their studies in Marburg, they are asking questions about how to pursue a career in translation. And since the BCA Marburg director is a CT (Certified Translator), students can benefit greatly from information from someone with professional experience in the translation industry.

See Europe!

Both Vienna and Marburg are excellent jumping-off places for exploring the rest of Germany and Europe. Vienna is convenient to an airport, and Marburg is only 90 minutes from the Frankfurt International Airport, which is Europe's third largest airport. Marburg lies on the main train line between Frankfurt and Kassel. More about BCA Germany's location.